Daniel Hodges

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The PASCAL RTE challenge has helped LCC to explore the applicability of enhancements that have been made to our logic form representation and WordNet lexical chains generator. Our system transforms each T-H pair into logic form representation with semantic relations. The system automatically generates NLP axioms serving as linguistic rewriting rules and(More)
This paper presents the architecture and functionality of a logic prover designed for question answering. The approach transforms questions and answer passages into logic representations based on syntactic, semantic and contextual information. World knowledge supplements the linguistic, ontological, and temporal axioms supplied to the prover which renders a(More)
For a question answering system to understand the underlying assumptions and contextual features of natural language, a contextually and semantically sensitive knowledge representation and reasoning module is essential. This paper proposes a three-layered knowledge representation coupled with reasoning mechanisms for defaults and contexts as a solution for(More)
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