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Very little attention has been devoted to the problem of modular composition of vision capabilities in perception-action systems. While new algorithms and techniques have paved the way for important developments, the majority of vision systems are still designed and integrated in a very primitive way according to modern software engineering principles. This(More)
Minnesota for useful comments. Josep Pijoan-Mas helped with the simulations, while Ana Santiago helped with the Progresa data. Several people in the Progresa staff, including Daniel Hernandez, Patricia Muniz and Susann Parker helped us with information about the data and the program in the early part of the project. We also wish to acknowledge our debt to(More)
Extended Abstract In this work, we present a hybrid mechanism for controlling a mobile robotic system which combines concepts from homeostatic control and adaptive behavior. The homeostatic control is inspired by an emotional approach consisting of a set of artificial hormones [2] computed from pre-categorical sensory data and also from high-level(More)
We describe the use of two series of aryl-extended calix[4]pyrrole receptors bearing two and four electronically tunable phenyl groups, respectively, in their meso-positions as model systems for the quantification of CH-π interactions in solution. The "four-wall" and the "two-wall" receptors formed thermodynamically stable 1:1 complexes in acetonitrile(More)
general, no dedicado específicamente a cirugía funcional. Además, se presenta una forma práctica de realizar los cálculos de coordenadas del arco, definiendo un punto de entrada (entry point) sin necesidad de software adicional. ABSTRACT Neurosurgical practice today requires an option for stereotactic neurosurgery which is indicated in approximately 10% of(More)
The independence of multiple intelligences (MI) of Gardner's theory has been debated since its conception. This article examines whether the one- factor structure of the MI theory tested in previous studies is invariant for low and high ability students. Two hundred ninety-four children (aged 5 to 7) participated in this study. A set of Gardner's Multiple(More)
Tesis titulada Contribuciones al análisis y desarrollo de robots sociables, que presenta Acknowledgments The work described in this document would not have been possible without the disinterested help of many people. First of all, I want to acknowledge the continuous support of my tutor Mario Hernández. Besides being very knowledgeable about the topics(More)