Daniel Hawthorne-Madell

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How can the large, systematic differences that exist between individuals' color preferences be explained? The ecological valence theory (Palmer & Schloss, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107:8877-8882, 2010) posits that an individual's preference for each particular color is determined largely by his or her preferences for all(More)
5 In standard decision theory, rational agents are objective, keeping their beliefs independent from their 6 desires. Such agents are the basis for current computational models of Theory of Mind (ToM), but the 7 accuracy of these models are unknown. Do people really think that others do not let their desires color 8 their beliefs? In two experiments we test(More)
What constitutes good teaching, and what factors do learners consider when evaluating teachers? Prior developmental work suggests that even young children accurately recognize and evaluate under-informativeness. Building on prior work, we propose a Bayesian model of teacher evaluation that infers the teacher’s quality from how carefully he selected(More)
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