Daniel Haschtmann

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The goal of non-fusion stabilization is to reduce the mobility of the spine segment to less than that of the intact spine specimen, while retaining some residual motion. Several in vitro studies have been conducted on a dynamic system currently available for clinical use (Dynesys). Under pure moment loading, a dependency of the biomechanical performance on(More)
It has been recognized that one of the most difficult steps in intramedullary nailing of femoral shaft fractures is the distal locking - the insertion of distal transverse interlocking screws, for which it is necessary to know the positions and orientations of the distal locking holes (DLHs) of the intramedullary nail (IMN). This paper presents a robust and(More)
OBJECT The object of this study was to characterize the biological response of isolated intervertebral disc fragments to in vitro culture conditions with respect to cell death and inflammatory and catabolic changes. The acquired data could help to gain a better understanding of the biological reaction of disc tissue when exposed to environmental changes(More)
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