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The Drosophila argonaute2 (ago2) gene plays a major role in siRNA mediated RNA silencing pathways. Unlike mammalian Argonaute proteins, the Drosophila protein has an unusual amino-terminal domain made up largely of multiple copies of glutamine-rich repeats (GRRs). We report here that the ago2 locus produces an alternative transcript that encodes a putative(More)
OBJECTIVES We attempted to define predictive factors for surgery in children with antenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis that led to postnatal diagnosis of ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated our 16-yr experience (1988-2003) with 343 children (260 male and 83 female) with antenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis that(More)
BACKGROUND Osler taught that splenic infarction presents with left upper abdominal quadrant pain, tenderness and swelling accompanied by a peritoneal friction rub. Splenic infarction is classically associated with bacterial endocarditis and sickle cell disease. OBJECTIVES To describe the contemporary experience of splenic infarction. METHODS We(More)
The aim of this study is to assess the role of PET/CT in differentiating between mesenteric panniculitis (MP) and co-existing MP and mesenteric tumoural involvement. A total of 33 PET/CT examinations, of 19 oncologic patients (16 men and three women with ages ranging from 48 years to 83 years) with findings of MP on the CT part of the study were(More)
Extra-axillary sentinel lymph nodes can only be detected if radioactive tracer is used and pre-operative scans are carried out. The presence of metastatic sentinel lymph nodes in most extra-axillary sites will upstage patients if the ipsilateral axillary sentinel lymph node is normal. Paradoxically, the presence of metastatic sentinel lymph nodes in the(More)
The dietary intakes of an elderly non-institutionalized population in inner metropolitan Sydney were collected and analysed. Participants in the study (n = 124) had their midday meal at either an Activity Centre or at home (Meals-on-Wheels Organization). The dietary data was collected over 4 days. Heights and weights and some sociological data were also(More)
Cellularisation of the Drosophila syncytial blastoderm embryo into the polarised blastoderm epithelium provides an excellent model with which to determine how cortical plasma membrane asymmetry is generated during development. Many components of the molecular machinery driving cellularisation have been identified, but cell signalling events acting at the(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated whether improved renal function after pyeloplasty for prenatal ureteropelvic junction obstruction persisted through puberty. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 441 males and 137 females with a prenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis that led to the postnatal diagnosis of ureteropelvic junction obstruction were followed at our department(More)
PURPOSE Prenatal ultrasound leads to the early detection of hydronephrosis. When followed by the early diagnosis of ureteropelvic junction obstruction surgical treatment, if indicated, is associated with minimal morbidity. We attempt to prove the benefits of this therapeutical approach from the point of view of renal function. MATERIALS AND METHODS From(More)
Sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) has become the standard of care in most centers for axillary staging in patients with early breast cancer. Multiple radioactive nodes are often identified at surgery. The finding of multiple sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs) has been shown to be associated with lower rates of false-negative results in the SLNB procedure, hence(More)