Daniel H. Wilson

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A 70-year-old woman developed a glioblastoma in the irradiated field 7 years after stereotactic radiosurgery for meningioma. Glioma induction has been previously reported after external beam radiation for leukaemia, pituitary adenoma, tinea capitus, and meningioma. This radiosurgery-induced malignancy may portend further reports of tumour induction. The(More)
Identifying what people do in the home can both inform ubiquitous computing application design decisions and provide training data to the machine learning algorithms used in their implementation. This paper describes an unsupervised technique in which contextual information gathered by ubiquitous sensors is used to help users label a multitude of anonymous(More)
Rating how well a routine activity is performed can be valuable in a variety of domains. Making the rating inexpensive and credible is a key aspect of the problem. We formalize the problem as MAP estimation in HMMs where the incoming trace needs repair. We present polynomial time algorithms for computing minimal repairs with maximal likelihood for HMMs,(More)
In-home health assessment of elders is often accomplished with the help of caregivers, usually family and friends. When formal support is necessary, it is commonly provided by case managers, professionals who visit the home to assess the mental and physical status of the elder, or " client. " In an effort to understand how ADLs are collected, we performed(More)
In this paper, we describe " The Activities of Daily Living Study, " a two-phased formative study designed to examine the work practices of professionals who perform in-home monitoring of elders' activities of daily living (ADLs). Supporting elderly adults' preference to live independently at home, i.e., to age in place, can forestall the transition to(More)
Engineers and researchers, particularly in the field of robotics and human-computer interaction, are often inspired by science fiction futures depicted in novels, on television, and in the movies. For example, Honda's Asimo humanoid robot is said to have been directly inspired by the Astroboy manga series. In turn, public perception of science is also(More)
From the intersection of computational science and technological speculation, with boundaries limited only by our ability to imagine what could be. When machines are in the natural world, what in the world is still unnatural?
mutagenic primers are used in this method, it is important to note that they are equally mismatched to both the wild-type and mutant alleles. The specificity is introduced by extension of the primers, which introduces a different base at the first step. This is an important feature of the assay design, removing any possibility of allele-specific(More)
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