Daniel H J Chen

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In this paper standard screen printed solar cells and laser-doped selective emitter solar cells are fabricated on p-type multi-crystalline silicon wafers from three upgraded-metallurgical grade feedstock suppliers. A cell efficiency of UMG material is demonstrated above 17 % using standard screen printing technology and a full area aluminum back surface(More)
Recent discoveries of the role of alkane flexibility in determining liquid-crystal behaviour are surveyed. With the impetus for understanding the alkane conformational problem established, recent model dependent (1)H NMR work on the topic will be reviewed where progress is made but the need to circumvent models eventually becomes evident. A closer look at(More)
This study investigates the products, kinetics, and reactor design of atrazine photolysis under 254-nm ultraviolet-C (UVC) irradiation. With an initial atrazine concentration of 60 microg/L (60 ppbm), only two products remain in detectable levels. Up to 77% of decomposed atrazine becomes hydroxyatrazine, the major product. Both atrazine and hydroxyatrazine(More)
Potential transitions in the boron-oxygen defect system are investigated using kinetic modeling and experimental data. Strong evidence is shown that no direct pathway occurs for passivation from state A and to C, and therefore, defects require formation prior to passivation. Whilst it is more difficult to rule out a possible destabilisation reaction as(More)
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