Daniel H. Fishman

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The Jasmin database machine is being implemented as part of a research project in distributed processing and database management A primary goal of the work is to demonstrate the feasibility of a practical multiprocessor database machine suitable for large database, high transaction-rate applications Key features of Jasmin are its configurable performance,(More)
An approach for bringing semantic, as well as syntactic, information to bear on the problem of theorem-proving search for Question-Answering <QA) Sys­ tems is descrilsed. The approach is embodied in a search algorithm, the 0* search algorithm, developed to control deductive searches in an experimental system. The Q* algorithm is part of a system, termed the(More)
In this paper a system termed the Maryland refutation proof procedure system (MRPPS) is described. MRPPS is an interactive system which gives the user the ability to create and maintain a core-bound data base and to input queries either as well-formed formulas in the first-order predicate calculus or as clauses. MRPPS consists of three basic components: (1)(More)
object databases, query language, information services, distributed environment , relational databases Object SQL (OSQL) is a language for the design and implementation of object databases. The OSQL language is computationally complete and provides a rich set of constructs that allow definition , implementation and integration of information services in a(More)