Daniel H. Chang

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Brain dysfunction in erectile dysfunction (ED) has been identified by multiple neuroimaging studies. A recent MRI study indicated grey matter alterations in ED patients. This study aims to investigate the microstructural changes of cerebral white matter (WM) in psychological ED patients and their possible correlations with clinical variables. Twenty-seven(More)
1.0 Abstract The New Millennium Deep Space Mission 1 (DS 1), a NASA designed advanced technology demonstration mission to flyby an asteroid and a comet, is the first deep space solar electric propulsion spacecraft (S/C). Several new challenges are presented in autonomous guidance and control of this spacecraft. The New Millennium DS1 onboard guidance and(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study is to evaluate the visual acuity and patient satisfaction at varied distances under photopic and mesopic lighting conditions in patients bilaterally implanted with aspheric diffractive multifocal one-piece intraocular lenses. METHODS In this retrospective-prospective study, 16 patients with a mean age of 66.2±9.2 years (range:(More)
of the generated CS signal, the optical spectrum presents two phase-locked carriers, which are 26.75 GHz apart. Curves B and C are the spectrums of the two demultiplexed phase-locked carriers and curve D is the spectrum of the phase shifted CS signal. The phase shifting performance of the proposed photonic RF phase shifter was measured by rotating the WP in(More)
Motivated by the computational demands of our research and budgetary constraints which are common to many research institutions, we built a " poor man's supercomputer " , a cluster of PC nodes which together can perform parallel calculations at a fraction of the price of a commercial supercomputer. We describe the construction, cost, and performance of our(More)
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