Daniel H Broaddus

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We report on the generation of 70-fs pulses at a center wavelength of 880 nm using a microstructure-fiber-based optical parametric oscillator pumped by a fiber laser operating at 1032 nm. We present optical spectra and autocorrelation measurements that illustrate the generation of ultrashort pulses and the onset of saturation at sufficiently high pump(More)
Femtosecond laser drilling is used to produce a variablepressure fiber gas cell. Tightly focused laser pulses are used to produce micrometer-diameter radial channels in a hollow-core photonic band-gap fiber (HC-PBGF), and through these microchannels the core of the fiber is filled with a gas. The fiber cell is formed by fusion splicing and sealing the ends(More)
We demonstrate a temporal imaging system based on parametric mixing that allows simple triggering from an external clock by using a time-lens-based pump laser. We integrate our temporal imaging system into a time-to-frequency measurement scheme and demonstrate the ability to perform characterization of temporal waveforms with 1.4-ps resolution and a 530-ps(More)
We fabricate high-Q arsenic triselenide glass microspheres through a three-step resistive heating process. We demonstrate quality factors greater than 2 x 10(6) at 1550 nm and achieve efficient coupling via a novel scheme utilizing index-engineered unclad silicon nanowires. We find that at powers above 1 mW the microspheres exhibit high thermal instability,(More)
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