Daniel Große

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Synthesis of reversible logic has become an active research area in the last years. But many proposed algorithms are evaluated with a small set of benchmarks only. Furthermore, results are often documented only in terms of gate counts or quantum costs, rather than presenting the specific circuit. In this paper RevLib (www.revlib.org) is introduced, an(More)
Synthesis of reversible logic has become a very important research area in recent years. Applications can be found in the domain of low-power design, optical computing, and quantum computing. In the past, several approaches have been introduced that synthesize reversible networks with respect to a given function. Most of these methods only approximate a(More)
Formal verification utilizing symbolic computer algebra has demonstrated the ability to formally verify large Galois field arithmetic circuits and basic architectures of integer arithmetic circuits. The technique models the circuit as Gröbner basis polynomials and reduces the polynomial equation of the circuit specification wrt. the polynomials model.(More)
Electronic System Level (ESL) design manages the enormous complexity of todays systems by using abstract models. In this context Transaction Level Modeling (TLM) is state-of-theart for describing complex communication without all the details. As ESL language, SystemC has become the de facto standard. Since the SystemC TLM models are used for early software(More)
Compact realizations of reversible logic functions are of interest in the design of quantum computers. In this paper we present an exact synthesis algorithm, based on Boolean Satisfiability (SAT), that finds the minimal elementary quantum gate realization for a given reversible function. Since these gates work in terms of qubits, a multi-valued encoding is(More)
In the last years synthesis of reversible logic functions has emerged as an important research area. Other fields such as low-power design, optical computing and quantum computing benefit directly from achieved improvements. Recently, several approaches for exact synthesis of Toffoli networks have been proposed. They all use Boolean satisfiability to solve(More)
Solvers for Boolean Satisfiability (SAT) are state-of-the-art to solve verification problems. But when arithmetic operations are considered, the verification performance degrades with increasing data-path width. Therefore, several approaches that handle a higher level of abstraction have been studied in the past. But the resulting solvers are still not(More)
Due to the ever increasing complexity of circuits and systems new methodologies for system design are mandatory. Languages that enable modeling at higher levels of abstraction but also allow for a concise hardware description offer a promising way into this direction. One such language is SystemC. In this paper we propose the SystemC parser ParSyC, that(More)