Daniel Grancai

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Staphylea has been used for long time in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and by Native Americans in a number of therapeutical indications. The present study describes in vitro antiproliferative, cytotoxic properties (MTT and LDH test) and antioxidant activities (reduction of DPPH radical and peroxynitrite radical) of Staphylea colchica Stev. (SC), S.(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine whether the extract isolated from the artichoke Cynara cardunculus L. (ECC) had antimutagenic effect and was able to enhance the therapeutic effect of cytostatic drug cis-platinum (cis-Pt). METHODS The potential antimutagenic activity of ECC was assayed by a test on sex-linked recessive lethal(More)
Staphylea L. is a deciduous ornamental shrub that possesses significant cytotoxic and antibacterial activity, although the chemical composition of its extracts and the identity of the structures responsible for these biological activities are not yet known. In this study we have determined the total phenolic content in chloroform and ethyl acetate extracts(More)
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