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A group of 37 patients (total 41 nerves) with a traumatic transection of median or ulnar nerves at the wrist were reinvestigated clinically and electrophysiologically 4-59 months after primary or secondary suture or grafting. Clinically there was no relation between the time after the operation, and sensory recovery determined according to the schedule of(More)
Many governments now impose charges for single-use plastic bags and bottles. As responsible researchers, we should cut back on disposable plastics (see also G. Bistulfi Nature 502, 170; 2013). We estimate that the 280 bench scientists in our bioscience department generated roughly 267 tonnes of plastic in 2014 (data from University of Exeter Sustainability(More)
The World Spider Catalog (WSC 2016) currently lists Peucetia longipes Pocock, 1899 as a senior synonym of P. casseli Simon, 1899; according to Niekerk & Dippenaar-Schoeman (1994: 16). The synonymy decision per se is not to be doubted but, regarding the senior name choice, it was stated that "As both P. [Peucetia] longipes and P. casseli were described in(More)
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