Daniel Glöckner

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In order to gain a deeper understanding of bladder function, it is necessary to study the time-dependent response of the bladder wall. The present study evaluated and compared the viscoelastic behaviors of normal and spinal cord injured (SCI) rat bladder wall tissue using an established rat model and planar biaxial stress relaxation tests. Bladders from(More)
Real-time cloth simulation involves many computational challenges to be solved, particularly in the context of haptic applications, where high frame rates are necessary for obtaining a satisfying experience. In this paper, we present an interactive cloth simulation system that offers a compromise between a realistic physics-based simulation of fabrics and a(More)
One method of fabricating implantable biomaterials is to utilize biologically derived, chemically modified tissues to form constructs that are both biocompatible and remodelable. Rigorous mechanical characterization is a necessary component in material evaluation to ensure that the constructs will withstand in vivo loading. In this study we performed an(More)
In this paper, we investigate a set of different location models that can be applied to location based services (LBS). Searching geographic information in an information space is not new at all. Many projects using positioning systems such as GPS search for information in their information space describing a query as a range. We will show that Natural Area(More)
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