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Limits of Electoral Predictions Using Twitter
This work applies techniques that had reportedly led to positive election predictions in the past, on the Twitter data collected from the 2010 US congressional elections, but finds no correlation between the analysis results and the electoral outcomes, contradicting previous reports. Expand
How (Not) to Predict Elections
It is found that electoral predictions using the published research methods on Twitter data are not better than chance and a set of standards that any theory aiming to predict elections (or other social events) using social media should follow is proposed. Expand
A Meta-Analysis of State-of-the-Art Electoral Prediction From Twitter Data
It is revealed that its presumed predictive power regarding electoral prediction has been somewhat exaggerated and further work on this topic is required, along with tighter integration with traditional electoral forecasting research. Expand
The power of prediction with social media
It is argued that statistical models seem to be the most fruitful approach to apply to make predictions from social media data in the field of social media-based prediction and forecasting. Expand
"I Wanted to Predict Elections with Twitter and all I got was this Lousy Paper" - A Balanced Survey on Election Prediction using Twitter Data
It can be concluded that the predictive power of Twitter regarding elections has been greatly exaggerated, and that hard research problems still lie ahead. Expand
A survey on session detection methods in query logs and a proposal for future evaluation
The author provides an overall view of the possible applications of query logs, the privacy concerns researchers must face when working on such datasets, and several ways in which query logs can be easily sanitized. Expand
Don't turn social media into another 'Literary Digest' poll
The power to predict outcomes based on Twitter data is greatly exaggerated, especially for political elections.
Nepotistic relationships in Twitter and their impact on rank prestige algorithms
The author offers a comprehensive survey of feasible algorithms for ranking users in social networks, he examines their vulnerabilities to linking malpractice in such networks, and suggests an objective criterion against which to compare such algorithms. Expand
No, You Cannot Predict Elections with Twitter
While simple approaches are purported to be good enough, the predictive power of Twitter regarding elections has been greatly exaggerated, and difficult research problems still lie ahead. Expand
Survey and evaluation of query intent detection methods
In this paper some of the available query intent detection techniques are reviewed, an evaluation framework is proposed, and it is used to compare those methods in order to shed light on their relative performance and drawbacks. Expand