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In three experiments, the effects of exposure to melodies on their subsequent liking and recognition were explored. In each experiment, the subjects first listened to a set of familiar and unfamiliar melodies in a study phase. In the subsequent test phase, the melodies were repeated, along with a set of distractors matched in familiarity. Half the subjects(More)
This study was designed to examine the role of the striatum, cerebellum, and frontal lobes in the implicit learning of a visuomotor sequence. The performance of patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease (PD), with damage to the cerebellum, or with a circumscribed lesion to the frontal lobes was thus compared to that of separate groups of matched normal(More)
Recently, Doyon et al. [20] demonstrated that lesions to both the striatum and to the cerebellum in humans produce a similar deficit in the learning of a repeated visuomotor sequence, which occurs late in the acquisition process. We now report the results of two experiments that were designed to examine whether this impairment was due to a lack of(More)
New generation methodologies and CASE tools are making possible increasing " automation " b y addressing software development in terms of executable models. I n this paper, we describe one such methodology, R O O M , along with its CASE tool, ObjecTime, for which systems are modelled in terms of hierarchically organ-ised communicating objects whose behavior(More)
While the two solitudes of our title, computerized control and telecommunications, are both concerned with computerized solutions to real world problems, we suggest that they are really addressing diierent needs and are therefore naturally preoccupied by slightly different concerns. Here we present a taxonomy of key elements intended to make such diierences(More)
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