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A new method for PID controller tuning based on Bode's integrals is proposed. It is shown that the derivatives of amplitude and phase of a plant model with respect to frequency can be approximated by Bode's integrals without any model of the plant. This information can be used to design a PID controller for slope adjustment of the Nyquist diagram and(More)
We present a novel specification-based approach for generating tests for products in a software product line. Given properties of features as first-order logic formulas, our approach uses SAT-based analysis to automatically generate test inputs for each product in a product line. To ensure soundness of generation, we introduce an automatic technique for(More)
BACKGROUND Depression's high prevalence and large amount of potentially modifiable morbidity make it an excellent candidate for quality improvement (QI) techniques. Yet there is little evidence on how to promote adherence to evidence-based guidelines. A locally run research and QI project that was part of a larger National Institute of Mental Health-funded(More)
This paper presents a specification-based approach for systematic testing of products from a software product line. Our approach uses specifications given as formulas in Alloy, a first-order logic based on relations. Alloy formulas can be checked for satisfiability using the Alloy Analyzer. The fully automatic analyzer, given an Alloy formula and a(More)
A Performance Model Interchange Format (PMIF) provides a mechanism whereby system model information may be transferred among queueing network model (QNM) based modeling tools. The PMIF allows diverse tools to exchange information and requires only that those tools provide importing/exporting mechanisms from/to the PMIF. The XML specification of the PMIF(More)
We present ongoing work on a system that accommodates player agency in a digital narrative with an external plot. We focus on key events that should occur in that storyline for dramatic effect, but do not explicitly specify the characters that should fill the roles needed for those events. Instead, we define them abstractly, with characteristics that the(More)
A wireless data glove was developed to control a Talon robot. Sensors mounted on the glove send signals to a processing unit, worn on the user's forearm that translates hand postures into data. An RF transceiver, also mounted on the user, transmits the encoded signals representing the hand postures and dynamic gestures to the robot via RF link. Commands to(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding how people of diverse cultural backgrounds have traditionally used plants and animals as medicinal substances during displacements is one of the most important objectives of ethnopharmacological studies. An ethnopharmacological survey conducted among migrants living in the Southeast Atlantic Forest remnants (Diadema, São Paulo,(More)
Dynamic collective decisions often suffer from severe political inertia and other inefficiencies. This paper investigates whether long-term commitment can resolve this problem, and provides a mostly negative answer: whenever a long-term commitment is socially preferred to the dynamic voting equilibrium, there must be a social-preference cycle among all(More)
The vast environments for <i>The Good Dinosaur</i> cover miles of terrain with procedurally generated geometry and instanced vegetation assets. Early sequence profiles revealed large memory costs attributable to tracing offscreen trees. Given the variety of vegetation in a set, many assets were not repeated enough to be instanceable and some instances only(More)