Daniel García de la Serrana

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Stac3 was identified as a nutritionally regulated gene from an Atlantic salmon subtractive hybridization library with highest expression in skeletal muscle. Salmon Stac3 mRNA was highly correlated with myogenin and myoD1a expression during differentiation of a salmon primary myogenic culture and was regulated by amino acid availability. In zebrafish(More)
MAFbx is an E3 ubiquitin ligase which plays important roles in myogenesis and muscle atrophy. We characterised the Atlantic salmon MAFbx gene, identifying two alternatively spliced MAFbx isoforms. The mRNA sequence of Atlantic salmon MAFbx-alpha is 1698 nucleotides long including a 134 bp 5' UTR and 1065 bp coding sequence which encodes a 355 amino acid(More)
Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) transgenic for growth hormone (GH) show substantially faster growth than wild-type (WT) fish. We fed GH-transgenic salmon either to satiation (1 year; TF) or the same smaller ration of wild-type fish (2 years; TR), resulting in groups matched for body size to WT salmon. The myotomes of TF and WT fish had the same number(More)
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