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Conceptualizing "Religion": How Language Shapes and Constrains Knowledge in the Study of Religion and Health
Despite recent advances in the field of religion and health, meaningful findings will increasingly depend on the capacity to conceptualize "religion" properly. To date, scientists' conception ofExpand
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Arabic-Islamic Views of the Latin West: Tracing the Emergence of Medieval Europe
1. Arabic-Islamic Records on Latin-Christian Europe: Introduction 2. An Evolving Information Landscape, 7th-15th centuries 3. Scholars At Work 4. Discovery of the Roman West 5. The Visigoths: HistoryExpand
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Effect of Manual Lymph Drainage on the Course of Serum Levels of Muscle Enzymes After Treadmill Exercise
Schillinger A, Koenig D, Haefele C, Vogt S, Heinrich L, Aust A, Birnesser H, Schmid A: Effect of manual lymph drainage on the course of serum levels of muscle enzymes after treadmill exercise. Am JExpand
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Substrate Utilization and Cycling Performance Following Palatinose™ Ingestion: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial
(1) Objective: To compare the effects of isomaltulose (Palatinose™, PSE) vs. maltodextrin (MDX) ingestion on substrate utilization during endurance exercise and subsequent time trial performance; (2)Expand
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Internal Fat and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors Following a Meal-Replacement Regimen vs. Comprehensive Lifestyle Changes in Obese Subjects
The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of a meal-replacement regimen vs. comprehensive lifestyle changes in overweight or obese subjects on intra-abdominal fat stores (MagneticExpand
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The Transcultural Approach Within a Disciplinary Framework: An Introduction
The aim of this themed section is to analyse and evaluate the relationship between the transcultural paradigm and various more or less established academic disciplines or fields of research.
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New Insights on Effects of a Dietary Supplement Utilizing the "Redox Stress Hypothesis"
The research community is generally agreed that maintenance of healthy levels of free radicals and related oxidants are important for good health. However, utilization of the “redox stressExpand
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