Daniel G. Zhang

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MRI is often used in tumor localization for radiotherapy treatment planning, with gadolinium (Gd)-containing materials often introduced as a contrast agent. Motexafin gadolinium is a novel radiosensitizer currently being studied in clinical trials. The nanoparticle technologies can target tumors with high concentration of high-Z materials. This Monte Carlo(More)
The authors studied the vertical saccadic movements of 12 patients with vertical paretic strabismus (< 6 degrees) by Scott's method, comparing the saccade of the paretic muscle with that of its antagonist. The results showed that the former was reduced in amplitude by 15%-50%, averaging 31.5%, and improved to 0%-25%, averaging 8.1%, after operations. The(More)
14 kittens of 2-4 weeks were randomly divided into normal (N) and monocular deprivation (MD) groups. PVEP was tested before and after monocular deprivation by blepharorrhaphy for 12 weeks, when development of amblyopia was confirmed. Under TEM, the central retinal ganglion cells, the ipsilateral geniculate nucleus layers, the neurons of layer IV of visual(More)
14 kittens at 2-4 weeks of age were randomly divided into normal (N) and monocular deprived (MD) groups. Before the MD amblyopic models were made, pattern visual evoked potentials (PVEPs) were elicited from the experimental eyes. After the closure of 7 unilateral eyes (right 3, left 4) with operation, the two kitten groups were fed for 12 weeks under a same(More)
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