Daniel Gómez-Marín

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This paper documents and discusses the process of developing a generative drumming agent built from the results of an extensive survey carried out with electronic music producers. Following the techniques of user-centered interaction design, an international group of beat producers was reviewed on the possibility of using AI algorithms to help them in the(More)
This paper explores the potential benefits of using similarity-based two-dimensional classifications and their corresponding GUIs, for drum samples retrieval in a creativity-oriented context. Preliminary user studies with professional electronic music producers point up the frustration and laboriousness of finding suitable drum samples in the increasingly(More)
Measuring rhythm similarity is relevant for the analysis and generation of music. Existing similarity metrics tend to consider our perception of rhythms as being in time without discriminating the importance of some regions over others. In a previously reported experiment we observed that measures of similarity may differ given the presence or absence of a(More)
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