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This paper builds a conceptual framework to explain the obstacles that prevent Argentine producers of differentiated products from establishing a consistent presence in the developed world. We build our framework based on four case studies of sectoral export emergence in Argentina. We find that exporting consistently to developed countries requires drastic(More)
We look at the effect of evidence and prior beliefs on exploration, explanation and learning. In Experiment 1, we tested children both with and without differential prior beliefs about balance relationships (Center Theorists, mean: 82 months; Mass Theorists, mean: 89 months; No Theory children, mean: 62 months). Center and Mass Theory children who observed(More)
Adults recognize that if event A predicts event B, intervening on A might generate B. Research suggests that young children have difficulty making this inference unless the events are initiated by goal-directed actions [1]. The current study tested the domain-generality and development of this phenomenon. Replicating previous work, when the events involved(More)