Daniel Fodorean

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Imperialist competitive algorithm (ICA) is a population based metaheuristic inspired from imperialistic competition among empires. In order to improve its performances, we propose to hybridize ICA with the Nelder-Mead simplex method. The simplex algorithm is run if a stagnation criterion is satisfied, in order to help ICA escape local optima and to improve(More)
An accurate State-of-Charge (SoC) estimation plays a significant role in battery systems used in electric vehicles due to the arduous operation environments and the requirement of ensuring safe and reliable operations of batteries. Among the conventional methods to estimate SoC, the Coulomb counting method is widely used, but its accuracy is limited due to(More)
The use of electrical drives and machines with very high number of phases is not a common topic of researchers, because of the control difficulties and the important number of switches needed to assure the operation in faulty conditions. The advantage of using a high number of legs/phases provides smooth mechanical performances (i.e., reduced torque(More)
Critical electrical machines and drives systems used in diverse fields like aerospace, defense, medical, nuclear power plants, etc. require both special motor and converter topologies. In our days due to the recent technological advances and developments in the area of power electronics and motor control the fault tolerant electrical machine and drive(More)
The paper deals with the study of a high speed induction motor to be used for the propulsion of an electric vehicle. A 40 kW machine, operating at a rated speed of 40500 r/min is designed and analyzed in the paper. After exposing the reasons which determined the choice of the induction motor for such an application, a particular topology is analyzed here.(More)
This research work deals with an electric scooter which propulsion is employed with a permanent magnet synchronous machine (in-wheel topology). A special machine type was design, analyzed and constructed and its control is presented here. The control is based on field oriented control technique, while the highest possible (unity) power factor is search,(More)
The paper deals with the design and analysis of a low voltage high current switched reluctance machine used for small automotive applications. The design procedure is based on a numerical algorithm, validated later in simulations and measurements. The idea of the paper is based on designing a switched reluctance machine (SRM) used for driving a wheel chair(More)
A comparative study of several fault-tolerant electrical drives is presented in this paper. As the application is concerned, the authorspsila attention was oriented towards the vehicle transportation. Thus, the main electrical drives under study are: the induction, the switched reluctance and the permanent magnet synchronous machine, respectively. The(More)