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— This paper proposes an LMI approach to the robust order reduction problem. The technique can be applied for quadratically stable linear systems with polytopic uncertainties. Bounds on the magnitude of the model approximation error are characterized in terms of both the H 2 and H ∞ norms. Numerical examples are used to show the potential of the proposed(More)
Linear systems with bounded inputs: Global stabilization with eigenvalue placement, " Int. J. [5] A. R. Teel, " Linear systems with input nonlinearities: Global stabilization by scheduling a family of H-type controllers, " Int. A new method of controller design for systems with input constraints using interpolation functions, " in Proc. 33rd Conf.(More)
A new approach to the mixed H2/H∞ control of linear systems is presented. The proposed methodology is based on a new stabilization condition leading the control parametrization to be independent of the Lyapunov function. This nice property allows the use of multiple Lyapunov matrices to the multi-objective control design in a numerical and tractable way. A(More)
1. Contribution For better understanding, we briefly review the authors' contribution. Consider the feedback system in Fig. 1, composed of the SISO discrete-time linear system G and the static quantizer Q. The system G corresponds to the pair of a plant and controller, and Q is a finite logarithmic type, that is, a logarithmic map from a continuous set to a(More)
SUMMARY This paper proposes a convex approach to regional stability and L 2-gain analysis and control synthesis for a class of nonlinear systems subject to bounded disturbance signals, where the system matrices are allowed to be rational functions of the state and uncertain parameters. To derive sufficient conditions for analysing input-to-output(More)