Daniel Fagerström

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In this paper we discuss how to define a scale space suitable for temporal measurements. We argue that such a temporal scale space should possess the properties of: temporal causality, linearity, continuity, positivity, recursitivity as well as translational and scaling covariance. It is shown that these requirements imply a one parameter family of(More)
This article presents a theory for multi-scale representation of temporal data. Assuming that a real-time vision system should represent the incoming data at di erent time scales, an additional causality constraint arises compared to traditional scale-space theory|we can only use what has occurred in the past for computing representations at coarser time(More)
A family of spatio-temporal scale-spaces suitable for a moving observer is developed. The scale-spaces are required to be time causal for being usable for real time measurements, and to be “velocity adapted”, i.e. to have Galilean covariance to avoid favoring any particular motion. Furthermore standard scale-space axioms: linearity, positivity, continuity,(More)
In this paper we develop a systematic theory about local structure of moving images in terms of Galilean differential invariants. We argue that Galilean invariants are useful for studying moving images as they disregard constant motion that typically depends on the motion of the observer or the observed object, and only describe relative motion that might(More)
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