Daniel F. Lyons

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We consider packet radio environments with capture, such that, given simultaneous transmission of k packets, a single packet is captured with probabditypqk-' where 0.5 5 p 5 1 and 0 .I q < 1. We assume ternary feedback broadcast per slot, and in the presence of capture, identification of the captured packet by all the users in the system. We also assume(More)
Most diagnostic tests for primary aldosteronism use maneuvers to expand the extracellular fluid volume, thereby suppressing the renin-angiotensin system. This results in a decline in plasma aldosterone concentrations in normal subjects and essential hypertension (EH) patients, but not in patients with primary aldosteronism. Captopril blocks angiotensin II(More)
Recent studies indicate that cells of various epithelial tumors are capable of transformation to neurons. Observing both neurons and neuropil in two prolactin-producing adenohypophyseal tumors, one benign and one malignant, we sought to assess their cellular differentiation, the presence of nerve growth factor receptor, and expression of the dopamine(More)
Sedimentation velocity analytical ultracentrifugation is a classical biophysical technique that is commonly used to analyze the size, shape, and interactions of biological macromolecules in solution. Fluorescence detection provides enhanced sensitivity and selectivity relative to the standard absorption and refractrometric detectors, but data acquisition is(More)
We evaluate two vector quantizer designs for compression of multispectral imagery and their impact on terrain categorization performance. The mean-squared error (MSE) and classification performance of the two quantizers are compared, and it is shown that a simple two-stage design minimizing MSE subject to a constraint on classification performance has a(More)
Aggregates of amyloid-β (Aβ) peptides have been implicated in the etiology of Alzheimer disease. Among the different forms of Aβ aggregates, low molecular weight species ranging between ~2- and 50-mers, also called "soluble oligomers," have emerged as the species responsible for early synaptic dysfunction and neuronal loss. Emerging evidence suggests that(More)
Targeting splicing machinery components is an underdeveloped strategy for cancer therapy. Uridine-rich small nuclear ribonucleoproteins (UsnRNPs) are essential spliceosome components that recognize splice sites in newly transcribed RNA. The major spliceosomal snRNPs are comprised of UsnRNA bound by a ring of Sm proteins. The survival of motor neuron (SMN)(More)
We have identified 2 relatively young patients with significant hypertension, an elongated single aberrant renal artery supplying blood to a renal segment, and evidence for localization of the elevated plasma renin activity to the side and vein draining the affected kidney. Furosemide-induced diuresis and acute oral captopril stimulated the renal(More)
The therapeutic potential of elastin-like polypeptide (ELP) conjugated to therapeutic compounds is currently being investigated as an approach to target drugs to solid tumors. ELPs are hydrophobic polymers that are soluble at low temperatures and cooperatively aggregate above a transition temperature (TT), allowing for thermal targeting of covalently(More)
Twenty-six patients being evaluated for renovascular hypertension were studied to assess the diagnostic value of enhancing the differential between renal venous renins (PRA) by a single 25 mg oral dose of converting enzyme inhibitor (CEI, captopril). Antihypertensive medications were not discontinued prior to the study, and renal venous effluent was sampled(More)