Daniel F. L. Souza

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CyberMed is a free framework (GPL license) for the development of medical applications for simulation based on virtual reality. The framework allows to decrease development time and offers complete synchronization among several functionalities that can be selected by the programmer, as stereoscopic visualization, haptics and deformation, among others. An(More)
The support for 3D technologies in Digital Television (DTV) environment extend the possibilities of entertainment and interactivity. In this paper we describe an architecture for integrating 3D technologies in middleware for Digital Television Systems. As a case study, we'll present the use of the proposed strategy in the Brazilian Digital Television(More)
The support for 3D technologies in Digital Television (DTV) environments extends the possibilities of entertainment and interactivity. In this paper is described an architecture based on a middleware for Digital Television (DTV) that incorporates 3D technologies on Brazilian standard for DTV. The integration strategies will be presented and compared with(More)
Experimental laboratories are important educational and training resources. They offer hands-on activity which helps to grasp concepts and compensates from volatile and abstract forms of knowledge. On-line laboratories have been developed during the last decade all over the world for supporting e-learning on the experimental field. Experiments have been(More)
The simulation of medical procedures through virtual reality systems can offer realistic training environments for new professionals. This paper presents the development of a simulator for medical training, based in a previous study case. The application was completely developed using a free system called CyberMed which provides high-level access to several(More)
Haptics have been largely used in VR environments, especially in training systems in which user dexterity is a mandatory requirement to determine performance. Besides that, through tactile object exploration, applications can offer a high level of interaction to users. This work presents CybHaptics, a set of classes for the CyberMed, a system for fast(More)
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