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The authors present the case of a 32-year-old Caucasian female with a giant-cell tumor of the eighth thoracic vertebra, causing unremitting pain, segmental kyphosis and imminent local instability. A total en bloc spondylectomy by a posterior-only approach was performed, complemented with anterior-column reconstruction with a titanium mesh and structural(More)
Periprosthetic joint infection is a frequent complication after total hip replacement. Two-stage exchange with the use of a temporary cement spacer is commonplace. Several complications are possible with its use. In addition to infection persistence, mechanical complications such as dislocation or fractures are among the most common. Several risk factors(More)
Periprosthetic joint infection is a devastating complication after total joint replacement. Prevention is mandatory and systemic antibiotic prophylaxis is nowadays a recognized cornerstone. Further addition of local antibiotics eluting from bone cement is a real possibility but its routine use is controversial. Pros and cons of its routine use in primary(More)
Rhinocerebral mucormycosis (RM) is a rare, potentially lethal fungal infection. Traditional teaching encourages aggressive surgical resection until viable bleeding tissue is encountered, often leading to orbital exenteration, skull base resection, and cerebral debridement, in addition to systemic antifungal therapy. We present a 2-year-old male with acute(More)
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