Daniel Fürstenau

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We investigate the organizational processes that predate digital infrastructure innovation in health care. These processes are important because the diffusion of digital infrastructures is problematic in many health care settings around the world. However, our study allows decision makers to understand how organizations can become forerunners in the area of(More)
In dispersed, multinational enterprises, complex integrations of information systems are a commonly hated threat as they render difficult fundamental changes of IT structures and standards embedded therein. This paper explores how integrations can turn into a burden and how thereby a company’s technology platform can lock-in to a local optimum. We(More)
Unternehmensarchitekturmanagement (UAM) und serviceorientierte Architekturen (SOA) stellen zwei Ansätze dar, die sich speziell im Rahmen der Transformation von Anwendungslandschaften sowie Teilen von Unternehmensarchitekturen im Allgemeinen synergetisch beeinflussen. Beschreibungs- und Analysekonzepte des UAM unterstützen SOA-Projekte in allen Phasen und(More)
Business Process Management (BPM) has been a widely accepted management tool for many years. Recently, the steadily growing complexity of IT landscapes, the increasing speed of change of business models, business processes and organisational structures in many business sectors, and the high pressure for cost reductions in the IT area have lead to the(More)
Size matters for standardization efforts: Newly introduced, more efficient standards are often disadvantaged because they have smaller networks. Networks for commercial and technical collaboration – for instance in passenger transportation – however, suggest that network size is not all that matters. Network effect models should also account for specific(More)