Daniel Fötsch

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In this paper we present our approach to model and verify workflow-intensive systems. Besides the functional properties (given by the temporal work-flow description) we augment the model and model checking with additional property treatment to deal with multifarious non-functional properties and property hierarchies. This enables a more powerful(More)
Keywords: Software generation and transformation Higher-level transformation operators Operator hierarchy concept Transformation language XML XSLT a b s t r a c t In the software development (e.g. with product lines or refactoring) transformations play an increasing role. To ease and automate these transformations, we propose a solution based on the(More)
The assurance of quality and reliability is essential for success in the e-business. However, missing validation mechanisms are a serious problem in web page development. Most web based programming languages do not support validation and other security features. Furthermore, the usage of different languages increases the complexity. We present an approach(More)
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