Daniel Fällman

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This thesis deals analytically and through design with the issue of Human–Computer Interaction (hci) with mobile devices; mobile interaction. Specifically, it is a investigation into and a capitalization on the multistable kinds of relations that arise between the threefold of human user, artifact, and world, and how dealing with this kind of technology and(More)
For educational purposes, Virtual Reality (VR) has been proposed as a technological breakthrough that holds the power to facilitate learning. Though, most efforts within the VR community have focused on applications designed to fulfill purposes of training, such as vehicle simulators, medical and military training. While this area is not at all unimportant(More)
We present an interaction technique which could be used to ease the well-known problem of browsing large interface surfaces---in particular web pages---on small screen devices. A prototype implementation is introduced and discussed, turning some of the traditional notions of direct manipulation inside-out.
This paper reports an interpretive case study conducted at three different airports in Sweden and Norway during 1999. The focus of the study has been to establish an understanding of the work practice of flight technicians and the use of IT support tools for aircraft maintenance. By use of observations, interviews and document reviews, we found three main(More)
The Reality Helmet is a wearable device providing a novel form of interactive experience, in which the user’s vision and hearing is completely shielded off from the world. Video and sounds are sampled by the Helmet from the surrounding environment, but through computer processing sounds are presented to the wearer as vision and sights are turned into a(More)
Imine Abdessamad Johan Aberg Gregory Abowd Johnny Accot Mark Ackerman Brian Amento Elske Ammenwerth Susan Anderson Mark Apperley Caroline Appert Shlomo Argamon Holly Arrow Chieko Asakawa Helen Ashman Daniel Avrahami Chris Baber Jeremy Bailenson Brian Bailey Ravin Balakrishnan Jakob Bardram Armando Baretto Len Bass Remi Bastide Patrick Baudisch Russell Beale(More)
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