Daniel Espinoza

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Two proteases, denoted beta- and gamma-secretase, process the beta-amyloid peptide precursor (APP) to yield the Abeta peptides involved in Alzheimer's disease. A third protein, alpha-secretase, cleaves APP near the middle of the Abeta sequence and thus prevents Abeta formation. These enzymes have defied identification. Because of its similarity to the(More)
Blood gases, air cell-blood gas differences, blood pH, and hematology were compared in embryonic coots (Fulica americana peruviana) at 4150 m and sea level in Peru. Neither arterialized nor venous O2 tensions differed significantly between montane and lowland groups but blood CO2 tensions of the two groups differed significantly. The air cell(More)
Oxygen consumption, air cell gases, hematology, blood gases and pH of Puna teal (Anas versicolor puna) embryos were measured at the altitude at which the eggs were laid (4150 m) in the Peruvian Andes. In contrast to the metabolic depression described by other studies on avian embryos incubated above 3700 m, O2 consumption of Puna teal embryos was higher(More)
A population of chicken (Gallus gallus) from the Peruvian Andes (4,000 m) carrying a high hemoglobin-oxygen affinity has been identified. This property remained stable after over 1 year residence at sea level and was transmitted to the descendants born at sea level. Chicken were introduced in South America during the Spanish conquest and therefore their(More)
Brain tissue is highly dynamic in terms of electrical activity and energy demand. Relevant energy metabolites have turnover times ranging from milliseconds to seconds and are rapidly exchanged between cells and within cells. Until recently these fast metabolic events were inaccessible, because standard isotopic techniques require use of populations of cells(More)
This study determined how structural features of the eggshells of coots (Fulica americana) laid at 4150 m in the Peruvian Andes differed from those at sea level in Peru and California and how these features affected exchange of water vapor, O2, and CO2. While barometric pressure at 4150 m was reduced to 60% of that at sea level, the conductance to water(More)
Numerical simulations of high-speed, high-altitude flow over re-entry objects have been carried out for a variety of flow conditions corresponding to test cases proposed for the 1st Spacecraft Demise Workshop. In the continuum regime, conventional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has been employed to characterise the aerothermodynamic loads acting on the(More)
Vincent Casseau 1,2,*,‡, Daniel E. R. Espinoza 1,2,‡, Thomas J. Scanlon 1,2,‡ and Richard E. Brown 2,‡ 1 James Weir Fluids Laboratory, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G1 1XJ, UK; daniel.espinoza@strath.ac.uk (D.E.R.E.); tom.scanlon@strath.ac.uk (T.J.S.) 2 Centre for Future Air-Space Transportation Technology, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G1 1XJ,(More)
The nematode Xiphinema index affects grape vines and transmits important viruses associated with fanleaf degeneration. Pseudomonas spp. are an extensive bacterial group in which important biodegradation and/or biocontrol properties can occur for several strains in the group. The aim of this study was to identify new Pseudomonas isolates with antagonist(More)