Daniel Espinoza

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Two proteases, denoted beta- and gamma-secretase, process the beta-amyloid peptide precursor (APP) to yield the Abeta peptides involved in Alzheimer's disease. A third protein, alpha-secretase, cleaves APP near the middle of the Abeta sequence and thus prevents Abeta formation. These enzymes have defied identification. Because of its similarity to the(More)
Brain tissue is highly dynamic in terms of electrical activity and energy demand. Relevant energy metabolites have turnover times ranging from milliseconds to seconds and are rapidly exchanged between cells and within cells. Until recently these fast metabolic events were inaccessible, because standard isotopic techniques require use of populations of cells(More)
During early phases of open-pit mining production planning many parameters are uncertain, and since the mining operation is performed only once, any evaluations based only on on average outcomes neglects the very real chance of obtaining an outcome that is below average. Taking into account also that operation costs are considerable and the mining horizon(More)
Numerical simulations of high-speed, high-altitude flow over re-entry objects have been carried out for a variety of flow conditions corresponding to test cases proposed for the 1st Spacecraft Demise Workshop. In the continuum regime, conventional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has been employed to characterise the aerothermodynamic loads acting on the(More)
simulations using open-source CFD and DSMC solvers. Abstract: hy2Foam is a newly-coded open-source two-temperature computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver that has previously been validated for zero-dimensional test cases. It aims at (1) giving open-source access to a state-of-the-art hypersonic CFD solver to students and researchers; and (2) providing a(More)
In this work a biotechnological multiproduct batch plant that manufactures four different recombinant proteins for human application is described in some detail. This batch plant design is then optimized with regards to the size of equipment using a mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) formulation recently developed by us in order to find a hypothetical(More)
The nematode Xiphinema index affects grape vines and transmits important viruses associated with fanleaf degeneration. Pseudomonas spp. are an extensive bacterial group in which important biodegradation and/or biocontrol properties can occur for several strains in the group. The aim of this study was to identify new Pseudomonas isolates with antagonist(More)
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