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PURPOSE To evaluate a low-rank decomposition method to reconstruct down-sampled k-space data for the purpose of tumor tracking. METHODS AND MATERIALS Seven retrospective lung cancer patients were included in the simulation study. The fully-sampled k-space data were first generated from existing 2-dimensional dynamic MR images and then down-sampled by 5 ×(More)
The aim of this paper is to enable model guided multi-scale and multi-modal image integration for the head and neck anatomy. The image modality used for this purpose includes multi-pose Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Mega Voltage CT, and hand-held Optical Coherence Tomography. A biomechanical model that incorporates subject-specific young's modulus and(More)
We report on results achieved in the MST reversed-field pinch in the following three key areas. In the area of plasma confinement and beta we have achieved improved-confinement plasmas with simultaneously high T e ≈ 2 keV and high T i > 1 keV at MST's highest current capability ∼ 0.5 MA. Both temperatures increase with plasma current. In addition, we have(More)
The aim of this paper is to model and visualize cardiovascular deformations in order to better understand vascular movements inside the lung and heart caused by abnormal cardiac conditions. The modeling was performed in two steps: first step involved modeling the cardiac output taking into account of the heart rate and preload blood volume, contractility(More)
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