Daniel Emerson

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PURPOSE This study investigates whether the timing after birth of babies' cleft repairs influences the psychological status of mothers. METHODS Mothers of infants born with a cleft lip completed psychological assessments and semistructured interviews at four time points: 2-3 weeks, 3 months and 6 months following the birth. In addition, a preoperative(More)
Recently, we identified 1-aminoanthracene as a fluorescent general anesthetic. To investigate the mechanism of action, a photoactive analogue, 1-azidoanthracene, was synthesized. Administration of 1-azidoanthracene to albino stage 40-47 tadpoles was found to immobilize animals upon near-UV irradiation of the forebrain region. The immobilization was often(More)
Two extraction-separation procedures were developed and evaluated for use in conjunction with the mCP membrane filter method for the enumeration of Clostridium perfringens spores in bottom sediments. In the more facile of the two procedures, a distilled-water suspension of the sediment sample is pulse sonicated for 10 s and allowed to settle. Portions of(More)
Previous work by us showed that in replica exchange molecular dynamics, exchanges should be attempted extremely often, providing gains in efficiency and no undesired effects. Since that time some questions have been raised about the extendability of these claims to the general case. In this work, we answer this question in two ways. First, we perform a(More)
Two methods of skin autograft donor site management were evaluated in 40 patients in a prospective randomised double-blind clinical trial. Donor sites were dressed using either a standard dressing of Jelonet, gauze, wool and a crêpe bandage or Jelonet, Whitehead's varnish (compound iodoform paint BPC), gauze, wool and a crêpe bandage. Donor site pain was(More)
Interactions between embryonic cells are generally thought to have a central role in the control of development. When these morphogenic interactions are interrupted by either physical intervention or genetic defects, normal development is impaired. In accord with these experiments, specific interactions between embryonic cells have been demonstrated in(More)
Developing safe and sustainable road systems is a common goal in all countries. Applications to assist with road asset management and crash minimization are sought universally. This paper presents a data mining methodology using decision trees for modeling the crash proneness of road segments using available road and crash attributes. The models quantify(More)
We have tested 74 teratogenic and 28 nonteratogenic agents in a recently developed in vitro teratogen assay system. The assay identifies teratogens by their ability to inhibit attachment of ascites tumor cells to plastic surfaces coated with concanavalin A. There is a qualitative agreement between in vivo animal data and in vitro activity for 81 of the 102(More)