Daniel Elenius

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Semantic Web Services (SWSs) promise to provide solutions to the challenges associated with automated discovery, dynamic composition, enactment, and other tasks associated with managing and using service-based systems. One of the barriers to a wider adoption of SWS technology is the lack of tools for creating SWS specifications. OWL-S is one of the major(More)
We argue for a policy-based approach to increase spectrum availability. To this extend, we briefly summarize a new language for expressing policies that allow opportunistic spectrum access. A Policy Reasoner that reasons about these policies can be used with cognitive radios to guarantee policy- specified behaviors while allowing spectrum sharing. We(More)
We present the cognitive radio (policy) language (CoRaL), a new language for expressing policies that govern the behavior of cognitive radios that opportunistically share spectrum. A Policy Reasoner validates radio transmissions to ensure that they are compliant with the spectrum policies. The Policy Reasoner also discovers spectrum sharing opportunities by(More)
An experimental offline investigation of the performance of connected digits recognition was performed on children in the age range four to eight years. Poor performance using adult models was improved significantly by adaptation and vocal tract length normalisation but not to the same level as training on children. Age dependent models were tried with(More)
This paper presents initial studies of the performance of a speech recogniser on children's speech when trained on children or adults. A connected-digits recogniser was used for this purpose. The individual digit accuracy among the children is correlated to some features of the child, such as age, gender, fundamental frequency and height. A strong(More)
This paper reports on the recording and planned research activities on recognition of children’s speech in the EU-project PF-Star. The task is quite more difficult than recognition of adult speech for several reasons. High fundamental frequency and formant frequencies change the spectral shape of the speech signal. Also the pronunciation and the use of(More)
1 INTRODUCTION An increasing number of organizations are endorsing Web Services (WS) technology to extend corporate resources to customers and partners and to leverage resources of others. Although Web Services, based on XML technology, allow interoperability, they do not support efficient and flexible search, allocation, composition, runtime monitoring, or(More)
For some years now, the Semantic Web [1] has been an active research field, promising to provide structure to the multitude of information on the web. Noy, et al. have shown how Protégé is an ideal tool for creating semantic web content in languages such as RDFS and DAML+OIL [2]. These ontology languages have now been superseded by the W3C Recommendation(More)