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Solitons are nonlinear waves present in diverse physical systems including plasmas, water surfaces and optics. In silicon, the presence of two photon absorption and accompanying free carriers strongly perturb the canonical dynamics of optical solitons. Here we report the first experimental demonstration of soliton-effect pulse compression of picosecond(More)
125I-Albumin permeation and blood flow (assessed with 15 micron, 85Sr-labelled microspheres) were determined in the retina, choroid, anterior uvea, and brain of male Sprague-Dawley rats fed diets containing 50% dextrin (control) or 50% galactose. Blood flow was increased in the retina, choroid, and anterior uvea but not in the brain of rats fed galactose(More)
We report time-domain measurements of nonlinear dynamics of picosecond pulses in silicon. The dispersion-engineered photonic crystal enables our systematic investigation of dynamic interplay between dispersion, free-carriers, and &#x03C7;<sup>(3)</sup> effects for a broad parameter range.
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