Daniel E. Shai

Kyle M Shen2
John W Harter2
Raman Sankar1
Graeme M Luke1
2Kyle M Shen
2John W Harter
1Raman Sankar
1Graeme M Luke
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We present high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectra of the heavy-fermion superconductor URu2Si2. Detailed measurements as a function of both photon energy and temperature allow us to disentangle a variety of spectral features, revealing the evolution of the low-energy electronic structure across the "hidden order" transition. Above the(More)
The Rashba effect is one of the most striking manifestations of spin-orbit coupling in solids and provides a cornerstone for the burgeoning field of semiconductor spintronics. It is typically assumed to manifest as a momentum-dependent splitting of a single initially spin-degenerate band into two branches with opposite spin polarization. Combining(More)
The asymmetry between electron and hole doping remains one of the central issues in high-temperature cuprate superconductivity, but our understanding of the electron-doped cuprates has been hampered by apparent discrepancies between the only two known families: Re(2-x)Ce(x)CuO4 and A(1-x)La(x)CuO2. Here we report in situ angle-resolved photoemission(More)
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