Daniel E. Schaber

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Common criteria for implant of a cardioverter defibrillator include verification of a 2:1 energy safety margin or a fixed safety margin of 10 joules. These criteria have been established empirically. We present a statistically model based on defibrillation efficacy curves which may be used to establish a criterion which would meet a predetermined target. As(More)
A total of 31 pediatric cardiac patients (mean age 19 ½ months) who required surgery for repair of various congenital heart defects were prospectively studied in the postoperative period to determine potassium (K) dose-response characteristics. All patients received supplementary K when the serum K was <4.0 meq/liter. A total of 100 administrations of(More)
Loss of nitroglycerin (NTG) from intravenous solutions to intravenous bags and administration sets has been well documented. This study was designed to examine a commercially available low adsorption administration set that was compatible with a volumetric infusion pump. A solution of NTG 100 micrograms/ml in dextrose 5% in glass bottles was used. Six study(More)
Sustained release theophylline products can improve compliance and symptom control in children with asthma. This study examines theophylline serum concentration monitoring in pediatric patients. Fifteen children with documented asthma were randomized to receive either Slo-bid Gyrocaps or Theo-dur Sprinkle for 1 month, and then crossed over to the other(More)
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