Daniel E. Riedel

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Although human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) clade C virus infects the largest populations worldwide, to date there are no prospective studies reported thus far to determine the incidence or prevalence of HIV dementia in this population. HIV clade C virus is a CCR5-tropic virus and thus predominantly infects macrophages, which are the key cells implicated in(More)
Spatial activity recognition in everyday environments is particularly challenging due to noise incorporated during video-tracking. We address the noise issue of spatial recognition with a biologically inspired chemotactic model that is capable of handling noisy data. The model is based on bacterial chemotaxis, a process that allows bacteria to survive by(More)
a-Synuclein (aS), a small protein containing 140 amino acids, undergoes self-assembly into amyloid fibrils and plaques (Lewy bodies), which are pathological hallmarks of Parkin-sons disease (PD) as well as other neurodegenerative diseases. [1] While oligomeric species of aS are considered to exert the neurotoxic activity [2] that can be rescued by reducing(More)
In this paper we address the spatial activity recognition problem with an algorithm based on Smith-Waterman (SW) local alignment. The proposed SW approach utilises dynamic programming with two dimensional spatial data to quantify sequence similarity. SW is well suited for spatial activity recognition as the approach is robust to noise and can accomodate(More)
Correlation filtering has recently been reintroduced to the facial recognition domain with promising recognition rates being seen over a variety of different facial databases. In this paper we utilise the minimum average correlation energy (MACE) and unconstrained minimum average correlation energy (UMACE) filters in conjunction with two correlation plane(More)
We demonstrate how organic solar cell efficiency can be increased by introducing a pure polymer interlayer between the PEDOT:PSS layer and the polymer:fullerene blend. We observe an increase in device efficiency with three different material systems over a number of devices. Using both electrical characterization and numerical modeling we show that the(More)
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