Daniel E. Rasmussen

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We present a flip-chip integration process in which the vertical alignment is guaranteed by a mechanical contact between pedestals defined in a recess etched into a silicon photonics chip and a laser or semiconductor optical amplifier. By selectively etching up to the active region of the III-V materials, we can make the accuracy of vertical alignment(More)
dependent amplified spontaneous emission noise are investigated in detail. The channel count scalability as limited by SOA saturation is further analyzed taking cross gain modulation and four wave mixing into account. While semiconductor mode-locked lasers have been identified as a potential light source for low cost Datacom WDM transceivers for some time,(More)
We demonstrate a Silicon Photonics transmitter/receiver pair wire bonded to chip-scale electronics and operated with a single section semiconductor mode locked laser. The compact WDM system supports twelve independent error free (BER<;1e-12) 14 Gbps channels without error correction, preemphasis or equalization.
We experimentally investigate an optical link relying on silicon photonics transmitter and receiver components as well as a single section semiconductor mode-locked laser as a light source and a semiconductor optical amplifier for signal amplification. A transmitter based on a silicon photonics resonant ring modulator, an external single section mode-locked(More)
We have isolated calpromotin, a protein reported abundant in human red cells and shown to be of significance for KCl transport. We show that calpromotin is identical to a radical scavenger protein, thiol-specific antioxidant protein (TSA). Calpromotin is known to exist partially as a large complex of identical subunits and partially as dimers probably held(More)
We report on an optically wideband, resonantly enhanced Mach-Zehnder modulator co-integrated with a 4Ω output impedance, 28Gbd driver from Mellanox Technologies. Error free transmission is demonstrated, at 14Gbps (25Gbps), in 4nm (3nm) wide optical wavelength range at a 10mW (20mW) laser output power level.
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