Daniel E. Olivares

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This paper presents the mathematical formulation of the microgrid’s energy management problem and its implementation in a centralized Energy Management System (EMS) for isolated microgrids. Using the model predictive control technique, the optimal operation of the microgrid is determined using an extended horizon of evaluation and recourse, which allows a(More)
An energy management system (EMS) determines the dispatching of generation units based on an optimizer that requires the forecasting of both renewable resources and loads. The forecasting system discussed in this paper includes a representation of the uncertainties associated with renewable resources and loads. The proposed modeling generates fuzzy(More)
There are many technical aspects and challenges in distributed generation (DG) that have not been properly understood and addressed so far. Distribution systems cannot be considered as balanced three-phase systems, because these are inherently unbalanced in steady-state operation. A full characterization of the unbalanced system with respect to system(More)
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