Daniel E. Morton

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The objective of this work is to provide analytical guidelines and financial justification for the design of shared-vehicle mobility-on-demand systems. Specifically , we consider the fundamental issue of determining the appropriate number of vehicles to field in the fleet, and estimate the financial benefits of several models of car sharing. As a case(More)
The purpose of diversity-oriented synthesis is to drive the discovery of small molecules with previously unknown biological functions. Natural products necessarily populate biologically relevant chemical space, since they bind both their biosynthetic enzymes and their target macromolecules. Natural product families are, therefore, libraries of(More)
For general toxicity studies, a technique was designed to consistently sample the most important neuroanatomic regions of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve of cynomolgus monkeys using a limited number of blocks and slides. Using the most rostral portion of the pons as a landmark, the entire fixed brain was cut dorsoventrally into cross-sectional(More)
Much of the background material on geo-object-based image analysis (GEOBIA) begins with a description of image segmentation and suggest it as the first stage of the process. Although this approach may be reasonable in some cases, the crucial first step should be more generically defined as obtaining a set of objects which represent the features of interest(More)
General Experimental Background All non-aqueous reactions were performed under an atmosphere of nitrogen. Water-sensitive reactions were performed in oven-dried glassware, cooled under nitrogen before use, or flame-dried, and cooled, under vacuum if stated. Solvents were removed under reduced pressure using either a Büchi rotary evaporator and a Vacuubrand(More)
Distributed computing can be applied to CT or MRI scanner image acquisition, printing, and archiving by interfacing the scanner with a computer network. Also on the network must be a computer workstation that has image management software to capture the images sent over the network by the scanner. This software must also allow the radiology staff to print(More)
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