Daniel E. Leaird

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We demonstrate the application of optical combs to implement tunable programmable microwave photonic filters. We design well-known multi-tap microwave photonic filters; however, the utilization of an optical comb with a dispersive medium enables scaling of these filters to a large number of taps. We use optical line-by-line pulse shaping to program tap(More)
We demonstrate a four-user 10-Gb/s spectrally phasecoded optical code-division multiple-access system via nonlinear processing with ultralow power ( 30 fJ/bit). Full interference suppression is achieved in a time-slotted scheme without the need for chip-level coordination and synchronous detection. Performance degradation caused by pulse overlap between(More)
By using tailored pulse sequences from a novel, 1.5-microm direct space-to-time pulse shaper driving a high-speed photodetector, we have achieved, for the first time to our knowledge, millimeter-wave arbitrary waveform generation at center frequencies approaching 50 GHz. By appropriately designing the driving optical pulse sequences, we demonstrate the(More)
We demonstrate femtosecond operation of a direct space-to-time pulse shaper in which there is direct mapping (no Fourier transform) between the spatial position of the masking function and the temporal position in the output waveform. We use this apparatus to generate trains of 20 pulses as an ultrafast optical data packet over an approximately 40-ps(More)
The dispersion properties of the direct space-to-time pulse shaper are investigated for the first time to our knowledge. We demonstrate that phase-front curvature of the input spatial profile leads to a chirp in the output temporal waveform, which one can compensate for by varying the separation between the pulse-shaping lens and slit. Furthermore, the(More)
Optical control over elementary molecular motion is enhanced with timed sequences of femtosecond (10(-15) second) pulses produced by pulse-shaping techniques. Appropriately timed pulse sequences are used to repetitively drive selected vibrations of a crystal lattice, in a manner analogous to repetitively pushing a child on a swing with appropriate timing to(More)