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We have developed an intermediate method toward the complete carbohydrate analysis of proteins, which should be universally applicable to all proteins and independent of sample matrix. Using only(More)
A synthetic sequence involving the initial reaction of a substituted phosphorus dihalide (RPCl(2), R = CH(3), C(6)H(5)) with the arachno-CB(8)H(13)(-) (1-) monoanion followed by an in situ(More)
Deprotonation of the phosphamonocarbaborane, exo-6-R-arachno-6,7-PCB(8)H(12) (R = Ph 1a or Me 1b), yields exo-6-R-arachno-6,7-PCB(8)H(11)(-), which when reacted with appropriate transition-metal(More)
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