Daniel E. Hernández

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The goal of purposive or behavioral vision is to study the interactions of a visual system with the real world, creating a balance between perception and action. It is said that a system that accomplishes a visuomotor task needs to implement a selective perception process allowing specific motionaction commands. This combination is understood as a visual(More)
This work describes the application of a new strategy called brain programming for automating the design of visual attention (VA) models. Nowadays, a term known as cognitive vision coined within the computer vision and cognitive research communities has been introduced to delimitate the kind of computer vision systems that are robust, resilient and(More)
The independence of multiple intelligences (MI) of Gardner's theory has been debated since its conception. This article examines whether the one- factor structure of the MI theory tested in previous studies is invariant for low and high ability students. Two hundred ninety-four children (aged 5 to 7) participated in this study. A set of Gardner's Multiple(More)
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