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Determining the structure of bacterial communities and their response to stimuli is key to understanding community function and the interactions that occur between micro-organisms and the environment. However, bacterial communities often comprise complex assemblages of large numbers of different bacterial populations. An approach is presented which allows(More)
Small-scale (less than ϳ15 km) precipitation variability significantly affects the hydrologic response of a basin and the accurate estimation of water and energy fluxes through coupled land–atmosphere modeling schemes. It also affects the radiative transfer through precipitating clouds and thus rainfall estimation from microwave sensors. Because both(More)
[1] Cloud models run at 3 km resolution (typical resolution used for microwave radiative transfer applications) apart from ignoring subgrid variability (< 3 km); they also underrepresent variability of cloud particles between the scales of 3 and 15 km. In a previous study by the authors, evidence was presented that neglecting subgrid variability in modeled(More)
In 2001, former Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher, reported that minorities in the United States suffer a disproportionate burden of mental illness because of a large gap between the need for mental health services and the services actually provided. While research findings and policy analyses show that racial disparities exist, there has been little(More)
[1] Precipitation is a highly heterogeneous process with considerable natural variability at scales ranging from a few meters to several hundreds of kilometers. This process is monitored with a variety of sensors (e.g., rain gauges, radars, and satellites) which provide direct or indirect measurements of precipitation at different scales. At the same time,(More)
Because of their antiproliferative and differentiation-inducing properties, retinoids have been used clinically as therapeutic and chemopreventive agents against squamous-cell carcinomas (SCC). As is the case for many therapeutic agents, however, the administration of retinoids is associated with toxic effects. Because encapsulation of certain drugs in(More)
We conducted phylogenetic analyses of cytochrome b sequence data to assess genetic variation within and among the three allopatric segments of the distribution of Peromyscus furvus from the Sierra Madre Oriental in eastern Mexico. We identified 24 unique haplotypes among the 54 individuals examined and genetic distances ranged up to 0.078 substitutions per(More)
The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Microwave Imager (TMI) Goddard Profiling (GPROF) rainfall retrieval algorithm is an inversion type algorithm, which uses numerical cloud models and radiative transfer schemes to simulate the brightness temperatures that the TMI would see, thereby allowing one to relate hydrometeor profiles to brightness(More)
We report the observation of photocurrent in silicon nanowires induced by nonradiative resonant energy transfer (NRET) from adjacent layers of lead sulfide nanocrystal quantum dots using time-resolved photocurrent measurements. This demonstration supports the feasibility of a new solar cell paradigm (Lu, S.; Madhukar, A. Nano Lett. 2007, 7, 3443-3451) that(More)