Daniel E. Geer

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Information security is important in proportion to an organization's dependence on information technology. When an organization's information is exposed to risk, the use of information security technology is obviously appropriate. Current information security technology, however, deals with only a small fraction of the problem of information risk. In fact,(More)
In an attempt to understand the histogenesis and evolution of port wine stains (PWS), 100 patients with PWS were biopsied; the gross features of each lesion and the patient's associated clinical characteristics were recorded. A detailed analysis of each biopsy including both vessel and nonvessel parameters was made with the assistance of a computer. The(More)
The advance of digital security has been checked in a number of ways, including not having enough available data that is tractably analyzable. The advance of knowledge in the security field is proportional to the output of scientific and near-scientific papers in security.
To date, no criteria exist for anticipating the response of a port wine stain to argon laser therapy. In an effort to determine such predictive factors, the preceding study was undertaken. Sixty-two patients, ages 7 to 66 years, with port wine stains were biopsied, had a small test area treated, and were evaluated after 4 months. A desirable result, defined(More)
Mobile code is an exciting new technology. By its very nature, however, it is fraught with inherent security risks. In the paper, we give an overview of some of the techniques for securing mobile code environments that have been suggested and deployed. We examine the sandbox approach, code signing, hybrid approaches, rewalling techniques and proof carrying(More)
'Tis the season when we musically celebrate the 12 days of Christmas while quietly rejoicing that there are fewer days of Christmas than there are bottles of beer on the wall. 'Tis also the season for us to visit the Owned Price Index (OPI), our index of underground economy prices. The OPI mimics the PNI Christmas index - the price index of the 12 days of(More)
In view of theoretical concern that psoralen ultraviolet A radiation (PUVA) therapy might induce a systemic lupus erythematosus-like syndrome, we studied serum antinuclear antibodies (ANAs) in patients with psoriasis who received PUVA and are participating in a five-year prospective study. At 14 centers, 1,023 patients had two or more ANA determinations.(More)