Daniel Dreyer

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The chemistry of graphene oxide is discussed in this critical review. Particular emphasis is directed toward the synthesis of graphene oxide, as well as its structure. Graphene oxide as a substrate for a variety of chemical transformations, including its reduction to graphene-like materials, is also discussed. This review will be of value to synthetic(More)
The selective oxidation of thiols to disulfides and sulfides to sulfoxides using graphite oxide (GO), a heterogeneous carbocatalyst obtained from low cost, commercial starting materials is described. The aforementioned oxidation reactions were found to proceed rapidly (as short as 10 min in some cases) and in good yield (51-100%) (19 examples). No(More)
In this paper, a virtual reality flight simulator for the evaluation of cockpit concepts is described. This simulator consists of Virtual Reality equipment (head/finger tracking and Head-Mounted Display), commercial flight simulation software, and recording devices (cameras and eye-tracking). To show the setup's evaluation capabilities, a concept for an(More)
This thesis presents an application of the Element Free Galerkin Method, or EFGM for short, to elastic rods. The method employs the so-called Moving Least Squares Interpolants as shape functions. This approximation method is reviewed together with the following topics: numerical integration; the strong form of the problem, that is, the differential(More)
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