Daniel Ditterich

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The aim of this study was the morphological and further chemical characterisation of neurons immunoreactive for leu-enkephalin (leuENK). Ten wholemounts of small and large intestinal segments from nine patients were immunohistochemically triple-stained for leuENK/neurofilament 200 (NF)/substance P (SP). Based on their simultaneous NF-reactivity and 3D(More)
UNLABELLED Compared to other surgical disciplines the significance of V.A.C.-therapy is rarely noticed in abdominal surgery. This may be due to uncertainty in defining clear indications or lack of technical know-how. METHODS We report on five selected septic cases in abdominal surgery without clearly defined indications for V.A.C.-therapy (ischiorectal(More)
Meanwhile vacuum-assisted closure (V.A.C.) therapy belongs to the standard procedures in cardiovascular surgery. Its intra-thoracal application is mentioned in one unique case-report in literature. We like to show our first experiences with this technique demonstrating three cases with pleural infection. One patient with bronchial stump insufficiency, one(More)
Die Anastomoseninsuffizienz stellt eine der schwerwiegendsten Komplikationen der kolorektalen Chirurgie dar. Die Vakuumtherapie an inneren Oberflächen ist eine neuartige Therapiemöglichkeit in der Behandlung dieser Komplikation. Bei einem Patienten mit abszedierender Anastomoseninsuffizienz nach tiefer Rektumresektion und Z.n. neoadjuvanter Therapie wurde(More)
Bei einer 83-jährigen Patientin erfolgte wegen einer unklaren Anämie eine gastroenterologische Untersuchung, dabei konnte jedoch keine Blutungsquelle identifiziert werden. Wegen des hohen Alters wurde auf weitere diagnostische Maßnahmen verzichtet und eine Eisenmangelanämie vermutet. Nach 3 Wochen erforderte ein akutes Abdomen mit diffuser Peritonitis eine(More)
220 of 268 polytraumatized patients (82.1%) presented an additional head injury, which increased the mortality significantly. By the Hannover Polytrauma Score we could demonstrate that the severity of the polytrauma and the prognosis depended on the extent of the brain injury. Important risk factors were skull fractures and shock on arrival. 66.7% of the(More)
Aneurysms of the pulmonary artery are very rare pathological vascular conditions. Peripheral pulmonary aneurysms have been reported only in a few cases. The causes of these aneurysms include extensive degenerative changes, traumas, infection and congenital malformations. Because of the imminent danger of rupture, surgical treatment should always be(More)
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