Daniel Dichiu

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In this paper we go through our approach at solving the PAN Author Profiling task. We introduce a novel way of computing the type/token ratio of an author and show that, although strong correlations have been observed between high extroversion and low type/token ratios in the past, this ratio is not necessarily a strong indicator of extroversion. Since the(More)
In this paper we present our approach of solving the PAN 2016 Author Profiling Task. It involves classifying users’ gender and age using social media posts. We used SVM classifiers and neural networks on TF-IDF and verbosity features. Results showed that SVM classifiers are better for English datasets and neural networks perform better for Dutch and Spanish(More)
Emotions are key factors in the cognitive and social development of human beings. Robot artists are emotional robots that express themselves using various forms of art. Their goal must be to evoke an aesthetic experience in the audience. Emotion recognition from text is an active field of research which produced several detection methods during the last(More)
Language is not only a powerful tool to communicate and convey information but is also a means to express emotion. Emotions are the important factors while interacting socially as emotion can easily connect people and improve health and other aspects of daily life. Emotions manipulate the way human thinks, percept and behave. We propose a hybrid system that(More)
The present paper intents to present new developments, based on last generation IT technologies, that offer small and medium enterprises intelligent ecosystems through which they develop their services and products in a well-balanced manner, based on information security, privacy, equal opportunities. Such a system that embeds competitive Web sites,(More)
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